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E.S.U. Competition

     Last May 2nd, 6th Year student Joaquín Narciso represented Aberdare College in the Annual Public Speaking Competition organized by the English Speaking Union (ESU) and held at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires. The competition involved delivering a 5-minute speech on the theme “Nature is a Common Language” in front of an audience of 31 ESU’s member schools, all prestigious bilingual institutions from Buenos Aires. The speech was followed by questions from a panel of experts in several fields. Once all the speeches were delivered, the members of the jury announced the names of the three best competitors. The first prize was a trip to London to compete in the International Public Speaking Competition, which every May brings together students aged 16 to 20 from more than 50 countries around the world.

    In the National Competition last May 2nd, most speeches dealt with worrying topics such as global warming, endangered species, and other environmental concerns. Some other speeches were about the role of technology in today’s world. Joaquín, however, addressed the theme in a new light. He persuasively spoke about free speech as an undisputable feature of human nature. Free speech as a right, as a must, and as a weapon for freedom of thought. Not only was Joaquín’s stand thought-provoking, but he also managed to captivate the audience with his linguistic skills and his talent as a performer. His speech “Speak free of consequence” earned Joaquín the 2nd Prize in the Competition. As a School we swelled with pride as he held the trophies –we know of his commitment as a dedicated student. But above all, we are overjoyed as we have seen how much he enjoyed the opportunity to stand in front of an enthusiastic audience. Congratulations, Joaco!

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